Environmental sustainability

At medino we strive to ensure that our services minimise impact on the environment whilst maintaining the highest possible level of service towards our customer’s needs.

We think both these aspects can be balanced in order to build a better future, both for the environment and for the overall health of our customers.

We work actively on:

More sustainable deliveries

As a new online retailer, we want to lead the way in promoting environmentally sustainable delivery practices by making sure our packaging uses only recyclable materials.

Resource Conservation

We conserve our use of natural resources to the extent practicable.

Waste Prevention and Management

We reduce to the extent practicable the quantity and degree of hazard of the wastes we generate from our operations and handle them in a safe, legal and responsible way to minimise their environmental effects.

Environmental Risk Control and Restoration

We minimise the risk of spills and other potentially harmful environmental incidents, restore the environment where damaged by us and enhance it to better support biodiversity.

Reduction of Supply Chain Impacts

We work with others in our supply chain to help assure adverse environmental impacts and risks associated with our products and services are reduced and properly controlled and environmental benefits optimised.