Hana Contraceptive Pill Reviews: Benefits, Concerns, and Real-Life Feedback

Wondering if the Hana Contraceptive Pill is the right fit for you? Don't sweat it! We've sifted through heaps of user feedback to give you a well-rounded view on real-life experiences and expert takes on this contraceptive option. In this deep dive, we'll explore the product's ratings, highlight key trends and opinions, share some wisdom from our pharmacist, and tackle the burning questions about the Hana Contraceptive Pill. Ready to jump in?


We hit the web, hunting down Hana Contraceptive Pill reviews. We dug into more than 70 reviews from the following sources: Pharmica, Boots, The Lowdown and Chemist Direct. Our adventure started with checking out the ratings on each platform. Then, we dove deep into the nitty-gritty of these reviews, picking out the trends and the most-talked-about features of the Hana Contraceptive Pill. Then we highlight reviews that stood out to us.

Review score

Let’s start to see how the product scored across the different sites:


As we can see the ratings are high and the overall weighted average is 4.54 out of 5 which shows that customers overall are very pleased with their experience using Hana contraceptive Pill. The low score from The Lowdown is significant and may depend on the realtively small sample of 12 reviews. We will discuss the negative mentions later on in the article.

Key findings

When going through the reviews, here are the kay trends and commonly mentioned aspects we found:

High Efficacy: Most users reported the product as effective in its primary function, which seems to be birth control.

Online Accessibility: The convenience of online purchase is significant for many users. This ease of access allows them to avoid potentially time-consuming doctor visits.

Menstrual Benefits: The potential to lighten periods or reduce their frequency was highlighted. This could be beneficial for those seeking menstrual relief.

Dermatological Benefits: Some users noted clearer skin as an added advantage, which could appeal to those with acne concerns.

User-friendly Design: The product is designed for daily use, with some users noting labeling for days of the week. This aids adherence and tracking.

Prompt Service: Speedy shipping and delivery seem to be a consistent service advantage.

Minimal Side Effects for Some: A subset of users did not experience any severe side effects, emphasizing individual variations in responses.

Mood Alterations: Several users reported mood-related side effects, including mood swings and increased moodiness. This could impact overall well-being.

Menstrual Irregularities: Some users faced menstrual disturbances like continuous or irregular bleeding, which could be concerning for many.

Physical Side Effects: Various physical symptoms like headaches, migraines, sweating, and bloating were reported. These could affect daily comfort and functionality.

Sexual Health Concerns: Decreased libido and vaginal dryness were mentioned, potentially affecting intimate relationships.

Mental Health Concerns: A few users experienced severe mental health side effects, such as depression or feelings of suicide. This raises concerns about the product's impact on emotional well-being.

Not Universally Suitable: Some users noted that the product might not be suitable for all, indicating the importance of personal medical consultation.

Potential Severe Side Effects: Reports of symptoms like eyes feeling like they were "coming out of their socket" or extreme bloating show that some users might experience atypical and severe reactions.


Negative Reviews

Let's look deeper at the more negative reviews, here are some that stand out

Mood Alterations:

  • A user mentioned: "I feel like an emotional wreck. Anger, anxiousness and crying - it’s a rollercoaster."
  • Another stated: "I was possibly already a bit low but the side effect of feeling suicidal was horrendous and I immediately felt better once I stopped taking the pill."

Menstrual Disruptions:

  • One review said: "Continuous bleeding. A few days of nothing then continuing again."
  • Another user noted: "It started off well 3 weeks no bleeding then a light period for a week... and 3 weeks non stop bleeding to the point I just finished my last pill and I’m giving up."

Physical Discomforts:

  • A user described their experience as: "I got halfway through my second pack before I genuinely couldn't do it anymore. I was sweating so much I was having to shower three times a day, my tummy was hard and distended."
  • Another mentioned: "I had a severe migraine with an aura that lasted for 3 days."
  • One user said: "Multiple times it felt like my eyes were coming up from my socket."

Sexual Health Issues:

  • A reviewer said: "I also think it decreased my sex drive a bit and made me dryer."
  • Another user stated: "I used this pill short term after coming off the implant...intense vaginal dryness, pain and tearing during sex, and low libido."

Concerns about the Drug's Impact:

  • One user expressed: "The side effects were horrific and got worse the longer I was on them."
  • Another pointed out: "Just because Hana doesn't work for you don't write off all birth control." suggesting their experience with Hana was negative but emphasizing the importance of finding the right birth control.

Not Universally Suitable:

  • A user shared: "I think all mini pills are like this with me... Definitely not for me."
  • Another stated: "I am sad that Hana caused me so much grief because it fitted in so well with my lifestyle."

Concerns about Unknown Side Effects:

  • One user noted: "(this side effect is not written on any slip and I believe it is described as having difficulty putting contact lenses in, I don't wear contact lenses but my eyes felt out they were coming out)" indicating concern about not being fully informed about possible side effects.

Standout Reviews

Now let's look at the positive reviews, and naturally, as the product then worked as expected they tend to be a bit shorter and less in-depth than the negative ones:

Honorata Kuszkowska ★★★★★ "Very good product."

Lis80 ★★★★★ "As long as you take it the same time everyday this works great and gives you the odd light period."

Julie, Cambridge ★★★★★ "Genuine product that works well."

Laura ★★★★★ "Easy to purchase. Quick shipping. Works as advertised."

Halina ★★★★★ "All great fast shipment and delivery. Overall great service and good pills."

Victoria ★★★★★ "So much easier to get it this way."

Gemma Cole ★★★★★ "Great product. No nasty headaches."

Sian ★★★★★ "Great product and getting delivered at home I haven’t got to worry about trying to get an appointment."

Pharmacist opinion

We sat down with our superintendent pharmacist, Alseeandro Grenci, to discuss the findings more in detail.

Contraceptive pills do contain hormones and these can sometimes have quite noticeable effects on the patient. The response to Hana can vary vastly from patient to patient and for this reason, I want to emphasise the importance of testing different methods of contraception to find one that works for the individual. This being said the dose of hormones contained in Hana is relatively low which decreases the risk of adverse side effects.

Hana Contraceptive Pill FAQ

What is Hana?

Hana is a progestogen-only contraceptive pill, also known as a mini pill, that contains the ingredient desogestrel. It is taken daily at the same time.

What are the side effects of taking Hana?

Common side effects include irregular menstruation or amenorrhoea (no periods), nausea, vomiting, period-like cramps, headaches, and sweating more than usual. Less common side effects include vaginal infection, difficulty wearing contact lenses, and ovarian cysts.

What time should I take my Hana pill?

For maximum effectiveness, Hana should be taken at the same time every day, 365 days a year.

How long can I be on the contraceptive pill?

There is no specific limit to how long you can be on the contraceptive pill. However, it's important to have regular check-ups with your healthcare provider to ensure it's still the best option for you.

Do antibiotics affect the Hana pill?

Some antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of Hana. If you're prescribed antibiotics, consult with your healthcare provider about potential interactions.

Can I drink alcohol if I’m on the Hana pill?

Alcohol does not directly affect the effectiveness of Hana. However, excessive alcohol consumption can increase the likelihood of forgetting to take the pill.

What happens if I stop taking Hana?

If you stop taking Hana, your body will return to its natural menstrual cycle. There may be a delay in the return of your period.

Can I take Hana if I’m ill?

If you have severe or persistent vomiting or diarrhoea, Hana may not be completely absorbed and its contraceptive effect may be reduced.

Can I use Hana while breastfeeding?

Yes, Hana is safe to take while breastfeeding as clinical trials have shown that the quality of breastmilk is not affected by the treatment.

Should I buy a one-month or three-month pack of Hana?

This depends on your personal preference and how long you plan to use Hana. Buying a three-month pack could be more convenient and cost-effective.

Can the Hana pill cause anxiety?

Some women have reported mood changes, including anxiety while taking Hana. If you're concerned about this, consult with your healthcare provider.

How do you I change from the combined pill to the Hana pill?

You can switch from the combined pill to Hana, but you should use condoms for the first week if there’s a gap between your old pill and your new pill. Consult with your healthcare provider for more detailed instructions.

Can the Hana pill cause thrush?

There's no direct evidence that Hana causes thrush. However, hormonal changes from any contraceptive pill can potentially affect the balance of yeast and bacteria in the body.

Can you ovulate on the Hana pill?

Hana works mainly by preventing ovulation and thickening cervical mucus, reducing the chances of pregnancy.

Can the Hana pill affect long-term fertility?

There's no evidence that Hana affects long-term fertility. After stopping Hana, your body will return to its natural menstrual cycle.

How soon after giving birth can I go back on the Hana pill?

This depends on individual circumstances and should be discussed with a healthcare provider. Hana is safe to take while breastfeeding.

How effective is the Hana contraceptive pill?

When taken correctly, Hana is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.

Written by Christian Jakobsson