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On a stressful day I was rushing home from work knowing I had a handful of things left on my to-do list; I was responsible for cooking dinner that evening and my fiancé had just texted, asking when she should aim to be home. On top of this I knew I also had to pass by the pharmacy to find something to relieve my sore throat as well as top up our regular stash of shampoo and dental floss. The scheduled food delivery was on its way and running to my local pharmacy branch was going to jeopardize me being home by the set out delivery window for our groceries.

This recurring event on my to-do: go to the shops to shop for health and beauty products, is what has become the seed for idea behind founding Medino. We have been searching, but unable to find a truly digital online retailer of health and beauty products - It is now very common to order groceries to your door step, or shop clothes conveniently and with quick and smooth delivery as well as returns. However, you and I still go to the pharmacy down the street to buy medicines or health & beauty products. This needs to change and we believe it is time to set a new standard for health and beauty shopping online.

We are on a mission to make health and beauty shopping more convenient whilst maintaining the high quality services our customers would expect from a traditional pharmacy. The team behind Medino all have a digital background and we are applying new digital advances to make shopping more convenient for you.

Together with you, our customers, we want to develop the type of shopping experience that we ourselves have been missing: Join us in making health and beauty shopping digital. Medino - providing health and wellness to you, your family and your community.



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The team

We are a tight knit team with experience from a range of industries but we all have the same goal, to make pharmacy shopping more convenient for you. Here you can find some more info about the team behind Medino.
Christian Jakobsson

Christian Jakobsson

Christian is the magician who went into IT sales and project management before co-founding Medino. He works with all sides of the business and if you cannot find him by his desk he is most likely picking and packing your orders in the warehouse.
Lars Elfversson

Lars Elfversson

The father of three small children and a serial entrepreneur who got frustrated over how hard it was to get pharmacy products delivered to your door. Lars realised if it was ever going to happen - you had to fix it yourself. Meeting different cultures and being active with his family is what gives him energy.
Giulia Guerrini

Giulia Guerrini

Giulia is the Pharmacist at medino.com, and ensures our customers find the right products to maintain great health. She loves travelling and she’s passionate about portrait photography. Her motto is: don’t fall in love with the plan.
Henrik Blomkvist

Henrik Blomkvist

Foodie that originally went into tech because he loved computer games. When he’s not making sure Medino’s tech side is on top of things, he is taking product photos or making a fresh pot of coffee. Makes his own chilli sauce.
Viktor Holmberg

Viktor Holmberg

Viktor works mostly on keeping the medino.com web site running smoothly. He’s an avid cross-country skier and also does a bit of painting in his spare time. His favourite soft drink is fanta.

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We are currently looking for a Marketing manager! Sounds interesting? Learn more about the role here!

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