Environmental sustainability: how we’re taking care of the planet

We’ve only got one planet – so we know it’s our responsibility to take care of it however we can. Here at medino, we take care to minimise any impact we have on the environment, without compromising on giving you the best experience possible with us. By making sure the environment is as happy with our service as you are, we aim to build a better future for you, us, and our planet. Here’s how we’re keeping our service sustainable.

Making our packaging planet-friendly

As a new online retailer, we think you should start how you mean to go on – which means leading the way in environmentally sustainable delivery practices. That’s why you’ll only ever find recyclable packaging from us: from the boxes that your order is packed into, to the recycled paper stuffing that keeps it protected.

Reducing the impact of our supply chain

Getting the products you want to you (fast) doesn’t mean we have to damage the planet. We work closely with others in our supply chain (the series of steps that gets your products to you) to make sure we’re minimising any environmental impact. We take care to reduce and control any environmental risk that comes with the products and services we have, and choose the most environmentally friendly options whenever we can.

Preventing and managing waste

We’re not about throwing our rubbish and waste into Mother Nature and letting it be. As a pharmacy and online retailer of a wide range of products, we might generate waste from our services: whether that’s from a return or expired product that needs to be disposed of, or a by-product of our deliveries.

We take care to reduce and manage the amount of waste we produce, and handle it in a safe, legal and responsible way to minimise any environmental effects. We hold minimal stock in our warehouse – we only buy what we sell – which helps us to massively reduce waste from expired products. And when we do have to dispose of those types of products, we clean and recycle any packaging they come in. We also carefully dispose of medicine in separate bins to our other products, so we’re not endangering the environment or the public’s safety.

Supplying vegan, organic, cruelty-free and zero waste products

Speaking of products, we know that some are better for the planet than others – so we make sure we stock these sustainable products for you. We’re always adding new zero-waste, organic, cruelty-free and vegan products and brands – from solid shampoo to plastic-free period products – so that you have the option to go green wherever you can.

Want to shop these fab eco-friendly products? Here’s a tip – you can use the Filter button when you look at our product list to select Vegan, and see all the amazing vegan brands we’ve got in stock. Check out a few of our favourites below:


Reuse, recycle and re-love: UpCircle’s ethos is one we can definitely get behind. By transforming leftover natural ingredients into quality skincare products, UpCircle leaves no (date) stone unturned in making sure that their products use ingredients that are great for you and for the planet. Shop their coffee body scrubs, eye serums and face serums (the ones that use leftover coffee grounds from fancy cafes), their delicious chai soap bars (using leftover spices from chai syrup creation), or their award-winning body cream with date seeds (a by-product of date farming).


Period products that are plastic-free, eco-friendly, and super effective are hard to come by – but &SISTERS makes it look easy. Stay feeling fresh and feminine while knowing you’re doing the planet good, with a whole range of products that protect you from your lightest flow days to your heaviest. Whichever you choose – from comfortable yet absorbent tampons and pads made from organic cotton to medical-grade (and super soft) silicone menstrual cups – you’ll forget it’s even there.


Want to make your whole bathroom routine as eco-friendly as possible? Check out Acala. From beautifully crafted and reusable bamboo razors to organic wool nail varnish wipes, shampoo bars and even corn dental floss, you can make the switch to planet-friendly products easily. Acala even has great gift bags for at-home spa days and on-the-go travelling: so you can change someone else’s (or your own) routine for the better, too.

We're always growing our sustainability initiatives – so when we have something new to shout about, you'll see it here. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram or join our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our latest news!