At we want to give our customers the power to choose how their delivery is made.

Our goal is to, in time, offer several options of courier to anyone ordering from and to make sure at least one of those options is free!

Environmentally sustainable delivery with

Since strives to be environmentally sustainable, we also have an ambition to offer our customers a sustainable way of delivery. So we went ahead and created a delivery option of our very own. One that is free AND climate compensated. So as you are waiting for your delivery, you can be sure it’s doing it’s very best to be friendly to the environment.

To start we will only be offering this service in the London area, but our hope is to soon have a sustainable delivery option for anyone in the UK.

Our other delivery partners

Royal Mail

Royal mail delivers to more than 29 million addresses across the UK, and makes sure can deliver your packages free of charge throughout England.

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