The BIG Nature’s Bounty sale at medino: here’s how our prices compare

We love bagging brilliant deals – and we know you feel the same. With medino, you don’t need to bargain hunt when looking for great prices on some of your favourite products.

We’re running an amazing, exclusive supplement sale with 30% off all Nature’s Bounty products until 11th July 2021. You won’t even need a medino discount code to get these discount supplements – and you won’t find these deals anywhere else. We’ve put together a supplement price comparison of the 10 most popular Nature’s Bounty products, so you don’t have to go looking around for the best price.

Prices correct as of June 18th 2021.

Our prices vs. Lloyds online pharmacy, Boots, and more

1. Nature’s Bounty Calcium Magnesium & Zinc – 100 caplets

These bone-building caplets are great for people on the move. With the 3 nutrients your body needs to support muscle function and normal bones, you’ll be off to a strong start – especially with a 30% discount, making us cheaper than Lloyds pharmacy online.

medino: £5.59

Lloyds pharmacy online: £7.75

2. Nature’s Bounty Adult Multivitamin – 60 Gummies

Easy to take and tasty, these gummies are a full alphabet of brilliant vitamins and minerals for daily support of your wellbeing, energy levels and immunity.

medino: £6.99

Dolphin Fitness: £7.89

3. Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron Complex with Vitamins B12 & C – 100 capsules

These capsules help to reduce fatigue and support normal energy levels, while being gentle on your digestive system. Brilliant for busy lives.

medino: £7.53

Lloyds pharmacy online: £10.50

Dolphin Fitness: £7.89

4. Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C + Zinc Sugar Free Gummies – 60 pack

Perfect for supporting your immune system all year round, these good-for-you gummies also help to protect your body against harmful free radicals. Plus, they’re way cheaper with us than you’ll find at Lloyds pharmacy online.

medino: £6.29

Lloyds pharmacy online: £9.99

5. Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies – 60 pack

Complement your everyday beauty routine with a selection of vitamins and minerals that help to maintain your luscious locks, glowing skin and healthy nails.

medino: £14.35

Boots online pharmacy: £20

Lloyds pharmacy online: £20.50

6. Nature’s Bounty Beautiful Skin Gummies – 60 pack

These gummies really live up to their name. With a skin-boosting formula, they help to support the natural radiant glow of your skin with hyaluronic acid – plus a magical mix of skin-supporting vitamins and minerals.

medino: £11.89

Dolphin Fitness: £12.69

7. Nature’s Bounty Beauty Complex with Biotin – 60 caplets

This amazing beauty complex provides protection for your hair, skin and nails from the stresses of daily life and pollution. They’re packed with the beauty nutrients and antioxidants glowing skin needs.

medino: £7.88

Lloyds pharmacy online: £11.25

8. Nature’s Bounty Complete B Vitamin Complex – 100 caplets

Need an energy boost? This complete B vitamin complex will help get your energy levels back on track. They also support brain health as well as the nervous and immune systems.

medino: £7.18

Lloyds pharmacy online: £10

9. Nature’s Bounty Healthy Hair with Keratin – 60 capsules

Containing cynatine, a clinically studied form of keratin that has a greater absorption, these capsules will leave you with strong hair that shines with health. It’s packed with other brilliant hair-enhancing nutrients, too... and cheaper at medino than Lloyds pharmacy online.

medino: £16.79

Lloyds pharmacy online: £23.99

10. Nature’s Bounty Maximum Strength Zinc 25mg - 100 tablets

Support your immune system, hair, skin and nails, inside and out. Get on a good routine with these gummies, and you’ll look and feel amazing in no time.

medino: £6.48

Lloyds pharmacy online: £9.25

Dolphin Fitness: £7.49

Why choose Nature’s Bounty supplements

Nature’s Bounty has created a range of vitamins and supplements inspired by your specific needs and backed by science. Whether you’re looking for a hair, skin and nails supplement, vitamin B complex or an extra boost of vitamin C and zinc – Nature’s Bounty has you covered.

From Nature’s Bounty gummies to their caplets and capsules, each product has been formulated with the very best ingredients to help support your individual needs.

Ready to stock up on Nature’s Bounty vitamins? Shop the range today, for delivery to your door tomorrow.

Written by Natasha Edwards