Sex Injuries: the most common injuries around the UK

Here at medino, we’re well aware of the multitude of possible injuries that you can get throughout your lifetime. But even we were surprised to find out how many people have suffered a sexual injury – and what kind of sexual injuries were most common.

Warning, don’t read ahead if you’ve got a sensitive stomach…

Did you know that one in three people have suffered a sexual injury in their life? In fact, we can reveal that men are more likely to suffer from a sex-related injury than women, with the most common sexual injury in men being penis tears, and the most common sexual injury in women being vaginal bleeding.

It turns out that people who live in London have suffered from the most sex-related injuries, with 44% of London residents saying that they’ve suffered from one at some point in their life.

On the other hand, North West have stayed pretty safe, as only 18% of residents from this region say that they’ve suffered from a sex-related injury during their lifetime.

Check out where your region places, below:

Infographic detailing sexual health injuries in different areas in the UK

Make sure that you’re being careful

It’s important to make sure that you’re being careful when engaging in sexual activity, so that you don’t end up in the same situation as Sarah*…

"I had been speaking to a potential love interest, Mike*, for a few weeks and I had decided to invite him over. We both had a few drinks and I started to feel pretty intoxicated, soon after, we started having sex. As we engaged in foreplay, Mike inserted a finger into my anus and started to begin anal play. However, Mike conducted his anal foreplay fairly vigorously, which I didn’t feel any pleasure from and my body felt uncomfortable.

"Suddenly, Mike stopped what he was doing and asked me whether I was on my period or not. I looked down and saw that my white bed sheets were covered in blood, caused by bleeding from my anus. Mike had conducted anal foreplay so vigorously that he had caused me to bleed.

"The next day, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even sit down and I decided to call my GP. I was shortly diagnosed with haemorrhoids and was told to use Anusol and suppositories while my anus healed. Although this experience hasn’t put me off of anal play, it’s made me realise that I do need to be a little bit more careful!".

**Please note all names have been changed.*

Written by Natasha Edwards