Pharmacy fair processing notice

We process your personal data, which includes information from your prescriptions and any other pharmacy and health care services we provide to you (including the minor ailments service, chronic medication service, stop smoking services etc.) for the purposes of:

  • Your care – providing pharmacy services and care to you and sharing your information with your GP and others in the wider NHS, as appropriate;
  • Our payments – sharing your information with NHS NSS Practitioner Services, others in the wider NHS, and sometimes Local Authorities, and only relevant information to those external to the NHS who negotiate and check the accuracy of our payments; and,
  • Management – sharing only relevant information with NHS NSS Practitioner Services and others in the wider NHS, and sometimes Local Authorities; as well as those external to the NHS who ensure we maintain appropriate professional and service standards and that your declarations and ours are accurate.

Because we provide NHS and private healthcare services, we have a legal obligation to collect and use personal data to ensure that the service we provide is safe and effective, and that our record keeping is in line with the law. If you do not provide this information, it may restrict which pharmacy services are available to you.

We hold your information for as long as advised by the NHS. You have a right to a copy of the information we hold for you (in paper or electronic form) and generally without charge. You may seek to rectify any inaccurate information.

You may object to us holding your information. You may lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Our Data Protection Officer is:

Christian Jakobsson