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Bazuka Gel 5g

Bazuka Gel 5g

Bazuka Gel 5g

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Bazuka Treatment Gel is a clinically proven, complete treatment for verrucas, warts, corns and calluses. The Bazuka formula contains salicylic acid that gently but effectively removes the infected skin tissue in order to completely eliminate the virus with no fuss and no mess. This simple, once-daily application quickly dries to form a water-resistant barrier to protect the skin underneath and prevent the virus from spreading further. Bazuka Gel is suitable for use at any age and can be used for adults and children.

12% Salicylic Acid w/w, Lactic Acid 4%.

Apply once daily and repeat the treatment until the infection has fully cleared.

Soak the infected area in warm water for 2-3 minutes.

Dry the skin, apply a thin coating and allow for it to dry.

Make sure you cover the good skin around before applying the product.

Do not use Bazuka Gel anywhere on or near your face, neck, armpits, breasts, bottom or genital (sex) regions, on birthmarks, moles, warts with hairs growing from them, or any other spots.

This gel is for application to the skin only.

Keep it away from your eyes, nose and mouth, and from cuts and grazes.

Take care not to apply any of the gel to surrounding normal skin, especially in the case of children's delicate skin.

If accidental spreading occurs, immediately remove surplus gel with a tissue.

If the gel is accidentally swallowed, or if it gets into the eyes, contact a doctor or a hospital straight away.

Consult your doctor before treatment:

If in doubt as to whether you have a verruca, wart, corn or callus

If you are diabetic or suffer from poor blood circulation to your hands or feet

If you are sensitive to any of its ingredients (as listed) on broken skin.

While Bazuka Gel is working, you may feel a slight tingling sensation and/or some mild tenderness. In rare cases, this may appear as a temporary blemish on the skin. If you experience undue pain or irritation, stop the treatment and ask your doctor for advice.

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