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Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule 1 Capsule

Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule 1 Capsule

Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule 1 Capsule

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Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule is a single dose, full course treatment for vaginal thrush. Is suitable for women who have been previously diagnosed by their doctor as having thrush and who haven't had it more than twice in the previous six months.

It can also be used by a male partner if he has thrush on his penis.

Active ingredient: Fluconazole 150mg

Adults and children over 16 years:

The full course of treatment consists of a single Canesten Oral Capsule.

The capsule is to treat thrush at the site of infection and should be swallowed whole with a glass of water (with or without food).

The symptoms of thrush should disappear within two days of treatment.

If no improvement is seen after seven days, you must tell your doctor.

If the infection returns after seven days another capsule may be taken but if you have more than two infections within six months you should see your doctor.

Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule may cause dizziness. If dizziness occurs after taking your capsule, you should not drive or use machines.

The capsule contains lactose monohydrate, so if you have an intolerance to some sugars contact your doctor before taking this medicine.

Do not use Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule:

If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to fluconazole or any of the other ingredients.

If you are taking the antihistamine terfenadine, the medicine cisapride or an ergot-derivative (e.g. ergotamine used for migraine).

If you are pregnant, trying for a baby or breastfeeding.

Before using Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule, you should see your doctor if:

You are unsure whether you have thrush or this is the first time you have had these symptoms.

You have had more than two infections of thrush in the last six months.

You or your partner have ever had a sexually transmitted disease.

You are aged under 16 or over 60.

You have ever had an allergic reaction to fluconazole or any other vaginal antifungal products.

You have had any disease or illness affecting the liver or kidneys, or have had any unexplained jaundice.

You have heart problems, including heart rhythm problems.

You suffer from any other chronic disease or illness.

Women: If you have any of the following symptoms do not use Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule and see your doctor as soon as possible:

Irregular vaginal bleeding.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding or a blood-stained discharge.

Ulcers, blisters or sores of the vagina or vulva.

Lower abdominal pain.

Pain or difficulty in passing urine.

Fever or chills.

Feeling sick or vomiting.


A foul smelling discharge from the vagina.

Men: Do not use Canesten Thrush Oral Capsule without talking to your doctor first if:

Your sexual partner does not have thrush.

You have sores, ulcers or blisters on your penis.

You have an abnormal discharge from your penis.

Your penis has started to smell.

You have pain or difficulty in passing urine.

The most common side effects include:

Sickness or stomach discomfort.

Diarrhoea and wind.

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