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Carnation Corn Shields 3 Corn Shield

Carnation Corn Shields 3 Corn Shield

Carnation Corn Shields 3 Corn Shield

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Carnation Corn Shields are soft, comfortable shields that protect painful corns on toes. They are fully lined with an advanced polymer gel which provides protection, relieves pain, absorbs shock and reduces friction on the corn and all round the toe. They also contain mineral oil to soften and moisturise the skin, helping to gently remove corns and prevent the pressure which causes the reoccurrence of corns.

Carnation Corn Shields are washable, reuseable and elasticated to fit all sizes. The slim design fits ensures that it fits comfortably inside any shoe.

Ensure the skin is clean and dry.

Apply the corn shield around the affected area, with the gel layer next to the skin. Stretch widthways before applying if intended for use on the big toe.

Remove overnight to allow the skin to breathe.

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