Liquid Chlorophyll: benefits, risks and why it's trending

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Made from plants and healthily green: liquid chlorophyll looks like the poster child of health, and it’s been flying off our shelves for the past year. An always trending product, we work hard to make sure we have Kiki Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll 125ml and Kiki Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll 250ml regularly in stock so that you can give it a go yourself.

But why should you try taking liquid chlorophyll? What liquid chlorophyll benefits are there? And why is everyone on TikTok and Instagram going crazy for liquid chlorophyll, anyway?

We’ve got all the answers here in a rundown of this trending, vibrant green supplement.

Kiki Health Liquid Chlorophyll supplement

What is liquid chlorophyll, and where can I buy liquid chlorophyll?

You know chlorophyll: it’s what gives plants their gorgeously vibrant, green colour. Chlorophyll helps plants absorb energy and get their nutrients from sunlight (remember learning about photosynthesis at school? It’s coming in handy now) – and now, it’s been found chlorophyll could be good for us, too. You’ll also find chlorophyll in all those leafy green vegetables you should be eating, like spinach, broccoli and alfalfa.

You can stock up on leafy greens at your local supermarket, of course… but if you want an even easier way to get a dose of chlorophyll, we’ve got Kiki Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll available for next day delivery. Just choose your size: 125ml or a bigger 250ml.

Whether it’s the basis of every must-make-that-now smoothie that’s on TikTok or slow-mo mesmerising video where it swirls into water, liquid chlorophyll is one of those always trending supplements you’ll see a ton on social media. It’s a fan favourite of wellness influencers and even celebrities (Kourtney Kardashian is a big liquid chlorophyll lover, so we’re told), and it’s a simple way to get a ton of green benefits without having to force down a lot of leafy green vegetables. There’s claims that liquid chlorophyll has a lot of benefits for your body, which is why it starts trending when someone new discovers this vibrant little supplement – we’ll get to those now.

What does liquid chlorophyll do for your body? Is liquid chlorophyll healthy to drink?

Yes, liquid chlorophyll is totally healthy to drink. And if you’re wondering just what are the benefits of liquid chlorophyll, we can help. Said by many to be healing, cleansing and overall health-boosting, liquid chlorophyll’s fans claim it leaves you feeling energised and glowing, inside and out.

Many fans say there’s a ton of liquid chlorophyll benefits: including boosting your immune system, cleansing your skin, improving your quality of red blood cells, and even helping to fight cancer. We think it’s important to note that these benefits aren’t proven – there isn’t enough research, meaning there needs to be larger, better-controlled studies to confirm any of these benefits.

On a positive note: chlorophyllin has shown possible benefits in reducing acne, inflammation, large pores and bacterial growth in skin wounds, and some small studies have shown that tumours in mice had small shrinkage when given chlorophyllin.* More research is being conducted, so hopefully there will be some positive results in the future that can be confirmed.

What are the side effects of liquid chlorophyll?

If it’s good enough for our plant friends, it’s good enough for us… but there are a few rare adverse side effects that could come from taking liquid chlorophyll. Side effects of taking liquid chlorophyll could be having green stools, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and vomiting. It’s likely that those who experience these side effects have simply taken too large a dose, as anything you have too much of can cause stomach upset, so we would recommend sticking to the daily dosage recommendations. After all, you don’t want to be the first person that actually goes green from a chlorophyll overdose, do you?

How much chlorophyll can I have every day?

Kiki Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll is easy to take. Just mix one tablespoon (15ml) into water or into your favourite cold drinks, and drink it down. You can have up to three dosages of chlorophyll a day, every day.

What does liquid chlorophyll taste like?

Surprisingly delicious – if you thought this would be a swamp-like taste on the tongue, you’re wrong! As an entirely natural, plant-based liquid extracted from alfalfa grass without preservatives or artificial colouring, Kiki Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll has a clean, natural taste with an almost minty aftertaste. Not your kind of thing? The subtle flavour can be easily mixed into all kinds of smoothies, so you can mask it with your fave veggies and fruits.

Ready to stock up on the good green stuff? We’ve got Kiki Health’s Liquid Chlorophyll in stock in a handy 125ml version and 250ml bigger version, both ready for next day delivery.

*Healthline, The Benefits of Chlorophyll: 1. Skin healing & 3. Detoxification and cancer

Written by Natasha Edwards