Bye, tampon tax! Here’s how to take the pain out of periods with BeYou

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Ever heard of the tampon tax? Since 1973, period products have been taxed as luxury items in the UK. But in 2021, we’ve already got some good news: since January 1st, period products such as menstrual cups, tampons, and pads are now classed as essential items and are no longer subject to 5% VAT.

So, how much will you be saving? As a period isn't exactly a luxury and period items are essential, the 'tampon tax' has long been called sexist – so for many women, it's a priceless symbolic victory more than a budget-friendly one. But with a cut of 7p per pack of tampons and 5p per pack of pads, the savings do add up. And you'll be able to keep saving every month, thanks to more cost-effective period products such as menstrual cups being more widely available.

To celebrate the news, we’ve teamed up with BeYou. Just like the abolishment of the tampon tax, BeYou’s all-natural and science-backed period products help to take the pain out of periods. From menstrual cup methods to soothing menthol patches, try a few BeYou tips and swaps to make things easier to manage every month.

BetterYou period product range

1. Consider a menstrual cup

If tampons or pads work well for you, great! But if not, don’t worry. Menstrual cups, such as BeYou Menstrual Cup Medium or BeYou Menstrual Cup Large, might be the answer. Many find menstrual cups to be much more comfortable than cotton, which can irritate or dry out your vagina. They’re also eco-friendly and economical, lasting for up to ten years with good care. So you can save the environment and your money.

2. Find your fold

Already have a menstrual cup but aren’t comfortable with using it? Time to perfect your insertion method. Remember to relax: your period cup won’t get lost or stuck. Then, try different folds to see which one works for you. Whether you need a smaller insertion point or a better grip, BeYou’s guide has you covered – from Punch-Down to Diamond..

3. Keep your cup clean

Worried about infections or hygiene? Menstrual cups are just as clean as tampons or pads. But to make sure they stay that way, keep on top of the cleaning. Start by sanitising your menstrual cup before you use it (for the first time or between periods). Boil in hot water for up to ten minutes, then let it cool. Then during your period, use BeYou Menstrual Cup Wash whenever you empty and reinsert. Naturally antibacterial and gynaecologist approved, this foaming cup cleanser helps to sanitise your cup and keep holes in it clean for an effective seal.

4. Don’t put up with pain...

Painful periods aren’t just something to put up with. In some cases, period pain and cramps can be debilitating. Extreme pain and excessive, heavy flow may even be a sign of something more serious, such as endometriosis. Don’t suffer in silence. If you experience any signs or symptoms that your period pain might be more than normal, see a doctor for a diagnosis.

5. ...and check out a cooling patch to help

There’s no magic fix for pain, especially if it’s severe. But there are certain tools that can help you to manage. BeYou Monthly Patch offers discreet, effective and long-lasting pain relief. These patches release steam-distilled eucalyptus and peppermint-derived menthol oils, which create a unique cooling tingle for up to 12 hours. Simply apply the patch where you need it most, during the day or night for fast-acting relief.

6. Finally, don’t forget to relax

Do you struggle with sleep during your period? Or just need help to unwind during cramps? BeYou Sleep Pillow Mist is designed to soothe you to sleep with a calming blend of essential oils. Formulated to last until morning, you can get the rest you need during a stressful time of the month. And even if you’re not on your period, you’ll wake up refreshed with a simple spritz.

Ready to make the change for even cheaper? Check out BeYou’s handy period products. All natural, no tampon tax – and next day delivery.

Written by Natasha Edwards