Prescriptions at medino

medino is a registered pharmacy providing NHS services and as such you can register with us to get your prescriptions delivered - straight to your home!

How to register for prescriptions with medino

To register for prescriptions with our pharmacy services you first need to have an account. You can Register here to get an account if you have not got one already.

After registering your account, you will need to sign up as a patient for pharmacy services as well. Once you are registered, you can find the link on your account page.

On the register for prescription page you will need to provide your name and home address as they would appear on a prescription of yours. You can also sign up other people that you handle the medication for.

On the same page you may also nominate medino as your pharmacy. This means you will receive all your prescriptions through us. If you do not choose to nominate us as your pharmacy while registering, you can ask your GP to do this for you at a later time, or email our pharmacist at

Filling your prescription

Once registered for our pharmacy services you are all set up to receive your prescription medication through medino.

Once an electronic prescription (EPS) reaches us, we will match the prescription to your account based on the information you provided and our pharmacist will get in contact with you to let you know there is a prescription for you at medino.

For private prescriptions you will need to post the prescription to our premises at:

Medino Online Ltd 10 Prestons road, Unit C19 Poplar business park E14 9RL London

Paying for your prescription

If you are exempt from paying your prescription, this will not apply to you. You can read more about who is exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions.

You will receive an email where our pharmacist will give you the details of how to pay for your prescription and the amount to be paid. The cost will be £9.35 per prescription item.

Receiving your medicine

Once your prescription has been paid for it will be sent out to the address of your choice. You can tell our pharmacist where you would like the medicine to be sent.

Urgent medication

Please note that because of the method of payment and the fact that the medicine is sent to you by post, the deliveries of prescription medicine will not be as swift as our regular deliveries. Therefore, if you are in urgent need of your medicine, please choose a nearby high street pharmacy instead.

Read more about our pharmacy here

If you want more information about the electronic prescription serviceyou can find it here